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Are you trying to get fit and stick to a healthy diet? Receive a package of E-books by Slank & Fit (Only Dutch books) with 247 recipes and a weekly workouts. With an 80% discount from $218,45 for $43,70 (ANG77,75)


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  • Start you healthy journey to an amazing slim life with the Slank & Fit  series of E books.
  • All the Recipes are written by farrah Belinga 
  • The breakfast recipes is a great way to kick start your morning. 
  • Followed by the very delicious lunch Recipes. 
  • Treat yourself to snacks the whole day with the snacks recipes  without trying to get out of your diet.
  • To finish off the day with an extensive but healthy meal look at the amazing dinner recipes.
  • And the smoothies recipes will help you lose them kilo's in no time. Because of the moisture content in the smoothie it will be rapidly absorbed in your blood for a better detoxification and digestion
  • The recipes are for you to keep the perfect healthy balance in your lifestyle


  • Coupon is valid from 1st of July until 1st of September 2015 
  • Coupon consist of 5 series of Slank & fit Ebooks.
  • E books are only available in Dutch ! 
  • Part 1: Breakfast with 31 recipes
  • Part 2: Lunch with 39 recipes
  • Part 3: Snacks with 21 recipes
  • Part 4: Dinner with 43 recipes
  • Part 5: Smoothies with 113 recipes.
  • The coupon is also valid for a weekly workout routine Ebook
  • A Slank & Fit game rules
  • A 12 weekly weekplanner
  • And 3 video's with secret tips how to maintain yourself slim and healthy
  • For more information about Slank & Fit go to
  • For more information about DushiDeals, please call 6922404 

Our company Bellinga International specialize in health and lifestyle.
We have several Health products on the dutch market.

Our main focus is on cooking recipes and lifestyle coaching.

We strive to help anyone who want to lose weight and maintan a healthier life.

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Yoga Centrum Curacao

Have a relaxing & inspirational summer with 12 lessons of Hatha Yoga. Get these lessons once a week at Yoga Centrum Curacao. With a 50% discount from $142,70 now $71,35 (ANG127,-)


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  • Yoga is about quieting the mind
  • Learn to calm down, relax and get balanced with your inner self with Hatha Yoga lessons
  • Get 12 lessons, classes are for beginners and advanced students
  • Great way to get trough the summer and quieting the mind
  • Time of classes : Tuesday - Thursday 8:30 - 10:00h
  • Wednesday : 19:00 - 20:30h
  • Friday : 10:00 - 11:30h
  • Saturday : 9:00 - 10:30h


  • Start your 12 lessons between 29th of June and 31st of July
  • One coupon is valid for 12 Hatha Yoga lessons for 1 person, the 12 lessons have to be used within 3 months
  • For questions and reservations, contact Yoga Centrum Curacao at  5283029
  • Bring your printed coupon to the first class
  • For questions regarding Dushideals, please call 692 2404

The name Hatha yoga comes from the Sanskrit words Ha (Sun) and Tha (Moon).

The Sun stands for action, the Moon stands for rest/inactive. In the Hatha yoga those are opposite

energies. Through asana’s and breath you bring both energies in balance.

By doing the poses you become aware of whom you are and how you mentally feel. Yoga is with both

feet on the ground, because it is a misunderstanding that yoga is just relaxing. Yoga gives direction and

energy without hindering the concentration.

Performing is a hot item in our culture. But right and wrong are matters of our ego.

In Hatha yoga you are trying to let go of your thoughts. Things happen and there you are to be your

own spectator. This awareness people can only achieve on their own, with their body and their mind.

In this way their consciousness will develop.

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Kaminda Johan M. Statius van Eps 14

Soto, Curacao

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