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Have a refreshing treat at FRO Yiu,Curacao's original self serve frozen yogurt shop. FRO Yiu offers a delicious, healthy product with a family friendly environment and excellent service. Now 50% off a Nafl.50,- Gift Card! From $28,10 for $14,05(Nafl.25,-)







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The Fine Print

  • Coupon can be redeemed for your FRO Yiu gift card up from 17th of September till 31th of October 2014. For the coupon you will receive the Nafl.50,- giftcard which is valid until 31st of December 2014
  • Limit of 2 gift cards per person
  • Print the coupon and bring it in with you to FRO Yiu Frozen Yogurt
  • For more information about FRO Yiu call 8400173
  • For more information about DushiDeals, please call 6922404


  • The first shop born on Curacao where you can self-serve your own frozen yogurt. Choose from 6 frozen yogurt flavors and mix them the way you like. Next choose your own toppings from over 30 different choices. 
  • Our Frozen Yogurt flavors change weekly
  • Healthy treat option: low calorie, low or non-fat, low-sugar content, low carbs, zero cholesterol
  • Diabetic friendly flavors daily:  sweetened with stevia
  • Non dairy option (sorbet)  for those who are lactose intolerant
  • Also offering delicious smoothies (all fruits) and shakes (made with yogurt and any topping combination)
  • Introducing our FRO Yiu Bubble Teas: Green tea, Black tea or Oolong tea with your choice of up to 10 fruit flavorings, tapioca balls and popping pearls.
  • Free Wi-Fi, excellent service, great music, fun atmosphere
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About FRO Yiu

FRO Yiu Frozen Yogurt Curacao's original self-serve frozen yogurt shoppe and the first one to swirl in the fun for everyone. We opened our shop January 2013 and it was our dream to create a yogurt shoppe where people from all walks of life and ages can enjoy themselves not only from great tasting, quality frozen yogurt, but also from a unique experience in a fun and happy environment that together makes every guest smile. We have taken pride in providing a healthy, fresh, and delicious product for our guests. We offer a wide range of healthy and delicious treats for everyone, whether you are craving a cup of fresh frozen yogurt, a fresh fruit smoothie, or a thick and delicious custom ordered shake then you need look no further FRO Yiu is where its at. We also offer homemade waffle cones, bubble tea, frozen coffee drinks,  hot coffees and teas. Where the possibilities are endless. Our values are embedded in our people – our team members, and our friendliest customer service. The bright and welcoming shop with its excellent staff are here to assist you with anything you could possibly desire . So what are Yiu waiting for come in and try us out today! 

Our Mantra: People sometimes ask what does the name FRO Yiu mean? “Yiu Rule,” is what we say, why because we believe that you the customer “Rule” everything while you are in our shop. Yiu rule the whole experience, Yiu rule what flavor or flavors you take, Yiu rule how much you swirl into your cup, Yiu rule how many and what toppings you take. Ultimately, Yiu create the rules when building your very own FRO Yiu frozen yogurt treat. The customer is the foundation of FRO Yiu. The FRO Yiu customer is in charge!

The Company

Schottegatweg oost 173, Salinja