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Time to shine and dance! Learn the basics of Salsa or Kizomba in 2 swinging evenings! Learn the basic steps and some spectacular moves with this workshop by dansschool SalsiMar from Holland! From $56,20 for only $28,10 (ANG50,-)


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  • Learn the basics of a swinging Latin dance, so you can shine on every party around!
  • Learn basic Salsa and Kizomba in just 2 nights inlcuding some fancy moves to make you look like a pro, all learned by a Curacao teacher from Holland! 
  • Salsa is the typical Carabian dance, with it's roots in Cuba. Learn the basics and you will swing the night away
  • Kizomba is a dance from Angola and means "Party". Gaining quickly on popularity around the world this is a dance you have to know!


Dansschool SalsiMar is established in August of 2011 and focuses on Salsa and other Caribbean dancestyles. The school is based in the Netherlands.

SalsiMar uses a structured trainings method, which makes it easy for everyone to learn how to dance. The training is constructed so that you also learn the theory and history about the dance which will help you become a better and more passionate dancer.

The classes are thaught by 'down-to-earth' teachers, which creates a relaxed learning environment that makes you feel at home. These quick courses on Curacao are thé opportunity to meet with these teachers that will make dancing class fun and relaxed.

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