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Pamper yourself with a back and neck massage in combination with a body scrub and a mini facial at Healing Hands Curacao with 50% discount. From $160,- now for $80,- (Nafl. 142,40)!







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The Fine Print

  • Coupon is valid from 18th of April until 18th of July
  • Maximum of 1 coupon per customer
  • Limited amount of coupons available
  • The coupon is for a massage, facial       and body scrub
  • Coupon can be used: Monday 8 AM to 12 AM, Thursday 8 AM to 12 AM or Sunday 2 PM to 6 PM 
  • Reservation required, mentioning DushiDeals, please call 5680682 or mail [email protected]
  • For more information about DushiDeals, please call 6922404


  • Get totally relaxed during a 2 hour treatment.
  • Have a neck and back massage, a facial and a body scrub.
  • The back and neck massage is especially helpfull for people with tension in neck and back.
  • The body scrub is to clean the body and remove all dead body skin.
  • With the facial you get a massage, cleaning of the face and a facial mask.
  • You will return completely relaxed and reborned to home. 
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Every day we are exposed to stress, such as accidents, a fall, lifting wrong or bad attitude. This is what we call mechanical or physical stress. In addition, we also have chemical and emotional stress. If you have more stress than your body can handle, the body protects itself, which is reflected in muscle tension.

This muscle tension caused pressure on the nerves, leading to pains, stiffness and numbness. This also leads to disruption of the communication system in the body. This will cause the normal functions of your body. A stiff neck, lower back pain or painful shoulders can all be caused by adhesion of muscles due stress. 

This adhesion of muscles can also block your bloodcirculation. 

The back and neck massage works by physically breaking down these adhesions to relieve pain and restore muscles. The best way to release the stress out of your body and your mind is this back and neck massage. 
A body scrub is like a facial for the body. With the scrub you will remove all the dead skin of your body, leaving it smooth and soft. 
A facial is one of the best ways to take care of your skin. They will clean your skin, give a massage and you will get a facial mask. With the facial the skin will be cleaned, exfoliates and nourished, it will help your skin to look younger. 


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