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Have a restorative Ayurvedic massage at Yoga Centrum Curaçao. Enjoy the 90 minutes massage with 50% discount! From $115 for only $57,50! (Nafl. 102,50)







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  • The Ayurvedic massage is originally part of the preventive medicine which means that as a healthy person it will strengthen your immune system.
  • The ayurvedic massage can also be helpful when you have physical complaints
  • A full body massage is about 90 minutes.
  • The ayurvedic massage has a cleansing effect and balances physically and mentally.
  • Brings harmony between body and mind to restore or support.
  • Ayurvedic massage ensures that the metabolism is activated.
  • During a traditional ayurvedic massage, warm herbal oils are used. 
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Yvonne gives spiritual classes, from a certain parity making it more relatable. The fields where Yoga Centum Curacao focuses on are: Breathing & breathing therapy, Mindfulness & Meditation courses, Meditation and Yoga retreats, Yoga for beginners & advanced and Ayurvedic massages for recovery and conservation of a healthy body.

Yvonne Martin has the following qualifications:

-          Certified – HRM/Personnel staff

-          Certified – Hatha Yoga teacher (500 RYT)

-          Certified – Breathing therapy

-          Certified – Ayurvedic massage

-          Course TM Meditation 

WORKSHOP Ayurvedic massage, Instruction syllabus, Ayurvedic oil Massage, Introduction to Ayurveda-type/dosha is included. Certificate is awarded after successful completion. Recommendation: to do the workshop in a pair of 2 couples.

 The effect of Ayurvedic massage concerns both cleaning, relaxing, nourishing and balancing of the physical body, the emotional state, from the mind. It brings body and mind closer together and stimulates the self-healing capacity of the body. The massage is good for: activating the lymphatic system and the circulatory system combating stress, fatigue and insomnia. The awareness of the body. The relief of muscle tension.


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