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About DushiDeals

About Dushi Deals

DushiDeals is a website where spectacular deals will be offered. DushiDeals was launched in early February 2012 in Curacao and soon other islands such as Aruba and Bonaire will follow.

Over the short time that DushiDeals exists, is has already formed a large group of buyers.


Our mission is to give our DushiDeals members amazing deals with super deals every day! We want to recruit as many members as possible so the discounts will get higher! In other words, the best activities, restaurants and products on your island for great prices!

DushiDeals for customers

Sign up for DushiDeals and always save 50% to 70% on the best local businesses!

Our goal is to offer an amazing deal every 24 to 48 hours.

DushiDeals makes experiences accessible for everyone!

Examples of a DushiDeal:

- A diving course;
- Restaurants;
- A yoga workshop;
- Car rental;
- A massage.

Do you have ideas or do you know a good company for a fantastic DushiDeal? !

Contact us via the email at [email protected] and we go after it!

DushiDeals Business

Dushi Deals offers companies an effective no-cure-no pay principle.

- Guaranteed fnew customers!
- No risk marketing!
- Exclusive in the spotlight!
- Social Media Buzz for your business!

DushiDeals selects for you:

- The best restaurants;
- The most exciting sports activities;
- The most beautiful dive sites;
- Other activities that we ourselves would like our free time to spend;

DushiDeals is very strict when it comes to launching a deal. Not every company can just launch a deal. It needs to be a good deal; attractive for our members and something we think you want!


The difference

We want the best quality and only sell deals that we would like to do or try ourselves;
DushiDeals fits as an organization completely in this day and age; because we do not like complicated procedures and formalities, and online is the future!

So if you have a comment or question about our quality of our service of if you want your company to get the attention of thousands of people on the island, please contact us and get your own DushiDeal! Via email at [email protected] or call +5999 692 2404

Our business philosophy is very simple:

- DushiDeals only launches deals we would want to buy ourselves;
- DushiDeals sells only activities that we like to try ourselves
- It is not only for a low price but the products and services are from their regular best quality.


The Dushi Deals Team

DushiDeals was founded by a team of experienced internet professionals and procurement specialists who search for the best DushiDeals for you!

Are you interested in working for DushiDeals or have your internship here? Send us an email with your motivation and CV. Our email address is [email protected]